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Technology & Procedures for Optimal Tunnelling Processes

Concept Planning – Construction Methods – Compressed Air Application – Tunnel Lining – Face Support Protection – Data Measuring and Evaluation ...


The key to success in tunnelling is a well selected tunnelling method – particularly when dealing with tunnelling projects with difficult geological conditions or especially high demands on the equipment.

BABENDERERDE ENGINEERS supports tunnelling projects and the construction companies offering the full choice of application technologies. We cover all areas of the tunnelling process, from individual work step optimization to the complete  excavation concept.

We work for clients and contractors in the design phase and in ongoing projects. While we are comfortable relying on approved techniques and strategies, we are equally comfortable developing new custom-fit and well-founded solutions.

We Support You in Process Engineering:

with solutions for the different construction methods
such as working under compressed air, the conditioning
of EPB drives or the set-up for slurry separation plants.

for the use of settlement-reducing techniques such as
Pressurized Steering Gap (PSG) System or the Additional Face Support System (AFS System).

in special solutions for the tunnel lining, such as
extruded concrete or a flexible stop-end shutter for
optimal ring-gap grouting.

during the use of all techniques to measure and gather
data related to the tunnel drive, such as track scales at
EPB drives, measurements of overcuts or the collection
and evaluation of all tunnelling and quality data with our
Tunnelling Process Control (TPC) software.

with the selection of the most suitable construction
materials, such as tail void grout or the composition of
face support fluids.

with any and all other questions our customers may