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20 Years of Tunnelling Experience

BABENDERERDE ENGINEERS GmbH has been operating in the tunnelling sector as an engineering and consulting firm since 1993. From local projects such as pipe-jacking for water supplies to international projects such as the Port of Miami Tunnel, USA, our firm has supported more than 100 tunnelling projects worldwide so far.


Special Subject Tunnel Construction

Mechanized Tunnel Construction, Tunnel Boring
Machines (TBMs)

Excavation Techniques for Hard Rock and Soft
Grounds (Slurry-TBM, EPB-TBM, Compressed Air-TBM)

Traffic Tunnels

Pipe-Jacking, Micro-Tunnelling

Facesupport Calculation, Work in Compressed Air

Smaller Water Supply Projects

Software Development for Tunnelling and Site

Another focus in serving construction companies is to develop application techniques that are specifically related to the area's geology and that operate in the functional area between geotechnics, construction methods, engineering, chemistry and electronics.

Tunnelling Reference Projects

You can find tunnelling projects in which BABENDERERDE ENGINEERS have been involved as consultants, designers and/or leaders in site supervision here:

Tunnel Projects Worldwide