September '15 September '15

Breakthrough in Karlsruhe

Guilia arrived safely!

Hydroshield Giulia arrived safely at the receiving shaft at Mühlenburger Tor in Karlsruhe.  Dismanteling is scheduled for next week.  

Babendererde Engineers supported tunnelling works in critical situations, especially during compressed air works (compressed air certificate).


Key data of the project:

TBM: Hydroshield, S 869, Herrenknecht  
Diameter TBM: 9,93 m  
Tunnel length: 2049 m  
Construction period tunnelling works: October 2014 – September 2015  
Geology: Soft Ground, Sand and Gravel  
Groundwater: approx. 3 m under ground surface  
Ground cover:  4,5 m  
Special project features:

- Major part of TBM drive
  with half a diameter
  cover above TBM
- Urban railway above
  complete tunnelling

- Under operation during 
  Tunnelling works

- Tunnelling under
  facilities and
nfrastructure with
  min. distance 
of 24 cm