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Special Software for Tunnelling

The safety, quality and efficiency of all single tunnelling measures affect the whole project's economic success. BABENDERERDE ENGINEERS has therefore developed a customized software with innovative functions supporting the project planner and construction company with their work. Please visit our platfom. – The Online Face Support Calculator

A accurately calculated support pressure is essential for mechanized tunnelling in soft ground and is the only way to avoid ground breakup, increased settlements or other adverse effects. facilitates this calculation process and allows you to elaborate substantiated documents in a fast manner. Find more information about here.


Tunnelling Process Control – Data Management and Monitoring in Real Time

Tunnelling is a complex process with many variables. With Tunnelling Process Control (TPC), all relevant data (positioning and operating data of the TBM, settlement and inclinometer measurements , quality management reports, etc.) are consolidated in real time and can be evaluated with clear graphics and diagrams at any time.

     Tunnelling Process Control

The program has specifically been developed for international use in major projects and offers numerous application possibilities and safety functions. You can, for example, set individual limits for all measured data for which the program sends a warning message automatically. Find more information about Tunnelling Process Control here.