Tunnelling Tunnelling

Tunnelling Projects All Over the World

Tunnelling construction demands expert knowledge in structural engineering and a complex TBM know-how. BABENDERERDE ENGINEERS specializes in mechanized tunnelling and construction projects with tunnel boring machines (TBMs).


Large-scale experience with various international projects and detailed knowledge about TBMs and other tunnel drive techniques have made us a highly qualified project partner, able to complete critical tasks and solve problems reliably, quickly and efficiently.

Tunnelling Scope

Feasibility Design (Analysis, Studies, Technology
Application for Tunnel Drive, Site Planning, Cost
Estimating, etc.)

Engineering / Planning (Face Support Calculation,
Segment Design, Start- / End-Shaft, Compressed Air,
Carrier Pipes, etc.)

Tender (Tender Documents, Submittal Evaluation,
Contract Negotiations, etc.)

Construction (Construction Management, Compressed
Air Works, TBM Monitoring, etc.)

Troubleshooting (Drive, Tunnel Face, Settlements, etc.)

Independent Expertise (Acknowledged Expert Wittness,
Inssurance Assesments, Third Opinion, etc.)


Documentation and Evaluation (TPC Software for
durable, complete data acquisition and monitoring of all
project-related data)


Project Guarantee and Efficiency

From day one, we guarantee the efficient fulfillment and monitoring of your tunnelling project throughout all
project phases.
With the assistance of our TPC Software, all mechanical processes, geotechnical measurements and similar data
are strictly monitored and controlled and we are constantly prepared for a quick and targeted intervention in case of an emergency.
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