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Technical Support and Troubleshooting

TBM Troubleshooting – Excavation Technique – Tunnel Face Stabilization – Troubleshooting Hard Rock Drive – Pipe-Jacking / Micro-Tunnelling –
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Troubleshooting is a special feature of BABENDERERDE ENGINEERS, another good reason to hire us for the construction management and technical support of your tunnelling project.

Technical breakdowns during the excavation process can have disastrous economical consequences if they are not efficiently eliminated. (A standstill means lost time and resources, and it delays all successive construction phases.) We are aware of these consequences and will do our utmost to get the TBM/Excavation System started again – another area in which we benefit from our substantial experience of numerous tunnelling projects in the variable geologies of the earth.

Technical Support / TBM Support

We support our clients already in the preparation for TBM drives in geological difficult strata with comprehensive consulting and technical proposals. Should critical TBM data or geological measurements indicate further arising issues, during the excavation phase, practical solutions are instantly developed together with the contractor to improve the situation.  For example if the face support system has to be adjusted due to a sudden change in very soft soils.

TBM Troubleshooting

We are able to quickly overcome unexpected issues. We build, along with the construction company, a highly specialized team of experienced engineers as a matter of course to involve all available local competencies during
a TBM breakdown – for example, if a TBM is stuck due to excessive friction or if a collapsed tunnel face has to be quickly stabilized.